Service Guide

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With a Japanza account, you can immediately start to bid on Yahoo Japan Auctions.
Japanza will place your bids in real-time, deal with the seller on your behalf and send the items to you overseas.

We will contact the seller on your behalf, process the payment and have the item sent to our warehouses in Japan.

When your item arrives, we will notify you by an email


When you submit the "deposit" button in the member area, you will be redirected to PayPal website where you can deposit with your PayPal account or your credit card as well.


We do not determine the exchange rate. To avoid confusion, bids are accepted only in Japanese Yen (JPY). When you deposit money into your Japanza account, PayPal will exchange it at its own rate.


With Japanza, you can place your bids yourself in real-time. Then, our system will keep you informed with the updates by email notifications.
Before placing a bid, make sure that you have the full bid amount deposited into your Japanza account.


Your won auctions will first be sent to our warehouses in Japan. Usually, it takes only few days after the payment is done. Please keep in mind that this time may be longer depending on the seller and especially in peak season.
For the domestic delivery, we choose the cheapest method with a postal insurance.

Items won from the same seller

If you win several auctions from the same seller at the same time, our system will automatically have them sent to our warehouses consolidated. This way, you will pay the domestic delivery and banking fees only once and lower the cost of your purchases.


Upon arrival, items are inspected for the accuracy of the auction description and the external damages. Please note that we are not able to inspect the working condition or the authenticity of the items.
Once the inspection is done, you will be notified by an email and your items will be stored until you order a shipment.


We can store items up to 100 days after arrival to our facilities. The storage is free of charge. If this period is extended, items will be discarded.


We proceed to ship your items ONLY if you order a shipment.
Our system supports EMS, SAL and Surface Mail methods of Japan Post.
Oversized items that cannot be shipped by Japan Post are to be sent by FedEx or UPS under Japanza's own account.


Usually, consolidating items makes the total weight lighter and the delivery fee lower. So, when shipping items, we consolidate them in as few boxes as possible. This way, you can save on the international delivery fee.
If for any reason, you prefer your items are sent individually (without consolidation) please just contact us before you order a shipment.


Items sent to our warehouses by the sellers are usually not ready for the international shipment. Most of them have "not enough" or "too much" protection. With Japanza, you don't have to worry about the safety of your items nor make blind decisions for the optional packaging services. All items are safely repacked for the international shipment with adjusted protection depending on the item.


All items are shipped with a postal insurance (if available).


Other than the auction closing price and the international delivery fee, you have also to pay the fees listed below:

Service fee 400JPY + 8% of the item price
Domestic delivery Actual amount To have the item sent from the seller to us.
Bank transfer fee 200 yen If you buy several items from the same seller at the same time, you pay this fee only once.
Fulfillment fee 400 JPY + 100 JPY/Kg per shipment
Miscellaneous fees    
All other costs that may accrue before and after items have shipped are to be borne by the buyer. This includes any handling fees or taxes incurred while
processing auction items, if needed, customs and import duties in your country, all local sales taxes, etc.


We recommend making larger deposits in order not to run out funds during the bidding.
When you finish with your auctions, you can have the remaining funds sent back to your PayPal account instantly.
You can also leave them in your Japanza account to fund your future auctions.


We will ship to anywhere in the world except Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.
Our system doesn't support domestic shipments within Japan.


Whole vehicles and vehicle engines (cars, motorcycles, bicycles e.g.)
Model / real / toy guns or their parts
Gambling devices, arcade game cabinets
Bonsai, plants,seeds, agricultural products or any other kind of vegetation
Perishable food
Volume 60% (or higher) alcoholic beverage
Junior modeling items
Pressurized cans
Chemicals and hazardous items (oils, lighters, paints, nail polish, perfume, matches, chemicals, explosives e.g.)
Animal products which may not be commercially exported
Items requiring special processing by customs
Goods requiring a license to handle
Illegal or questionably legal goods


Negotiations with the seller
Creating invoices with a low value or marking items as "gift"
Lottery purchases
Reassembling items, modifications or any other operation requiring using a tool.
Shipments by using 3rd party forwarding companies
Shipping items to addresses within Japan
Shipping items directly from the seller's place to you.
Sending questions requiring technical translation.